Lr – Zone is a company dedicated to empowering an individual, be it a child or adult. We are actively involved with children, parents, teachers, etc. by providing in-house workshops.
Our courses are aimed at the overall development of an individual with hobby creation in children and self improvement in ladies, parents and enrichment in teachers.
  Nisha Sudeep John
A Science teacher by profession for the last 12 years, she has done her MBA and is now focusing her energy and skills in promoting hobby in students and enrichment of teachers.
  Cdr. Thomas Koshy
A renowned Educationist and Academic administrator, he is a specialist in Educational Training Technology and a seasoned counsellor for students, teachers and parents. Apart from being a postgraduate in English, History and Education, he is trained in Psychology, Mass communication, Education TV, Curriculum Development in English. He has dedicated more than four decades as a Lecturer, Trainer, Student counsellor, Mentor, Academic planner and principal of various Prestigious CBSE institutions & schools.
• Regular Weekend Workshops in Robotics & Aero modelling - Saturday & Sunday, two month package.
• Overall Development package for Ladies/Housewives being introduced.
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